July 5, 2016 wallpaper wholesaler in delhi

Wallpaper for Walls

Unimore Wallpaper is the best wallpaper wholesaler in Delhi

Working in the B2B market, Unimore supplies wallpapers to all leading wallpaper shops in Delhi NCR and parts of North India.

Our wallpaper collection includes wallpapers with textures, floral patterns, modern prints, 3d designs and many more.

Wallpapers are used extensively these days as a wall covering and its use from a single wall highlighter has shifted to covering all the four walls of the room with wallpaper. At times its also used on the ceiling.

Golden or rustic textures are used for ceiling. Also wallpapers with white patterns in a non directional geometric designs are used to cover the ceiling.

3d designs which gives a depth to space or 3d floral designs looks good to make the room look bigger.

Do visit our nearest dealer to have a look at the wallpaper collections we have to offer.


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